VR Prerequisites

July 31st, 2023


Please note: VR is an experimental feature with limited capabilities. We look to expand our VR support in the future.

Before you get started in VR, please ensure that you meet the following prerequisites.

Requisite Hardware:

  • High-end PC/Laptop or one oriented for gaming (relatively new standalone graphics card/GPU)
  • Oculus Quest 1 or 2
    • Note that the Oculus Quest 1 requires a PC link cable (Quests should come with one, but you may want to invest in either Oculus’ proprietary cable or a standard USB 3.0 - USB-C cable). Virbela Tech Support recommends this method above others.
    • The Quest 2’s Air Link mode is also available for free with the most recent update to the Quest 2 system, as well as the Virtual Desktop application, purchasable from the Quest Store for $10.
  • Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S
  • HTC Vive (includes variants like HTC Vive Pre, HTC Vive Pro, etc)
  • Vive Cosmos
  • Valve Index
  • Windows Mixed Reality family of headsets (such as the original HP Reverb, Samsung Odyssey, etc)
    • Except for the new HP Reverb G2, all Windows MR headsets use the exact same controllers. The G2 has not been tested with Virbela yet and likely needs work - until then there is no official support for the Reverb G2.

Requisite Software:

Viveport application