Export Log File (Mac & Windows)

Export Log File (Mac & Windows)

There may be times when Virbela is not running properly, and we may ask you to supply us the log file so we can take a look. It is very important that you grab the file before you open Virbela again, since it will overwrite the with a new session log every time you open Virbela.


The file is located in C:\Users\"YourUserName"\AppData\LocalLow\Virbela LLC\"NameOfYourWorld"\output_log.txt

To start you will need to press "Windows key + R" to bring up the "Run command" window. You can also do a search for "Run" or right click on the start button and choose "run" if using Windows 8 or above. Once the Windows is open you will type %appdata%/../LocalLow and hit enter.

From here you open the "Virbela LLC" folder and then open the folder that has the name of the World you are having issues with. It is very important that you open 'Virbela LLC" and not " Virbela, LLC" as the latter does not contain the log we need. In the example below, I used Virbela Open Campus, but if you are having issues with a Custom World, the name will be the same as what is on the shortcut you use to open Virbela. 

Grab the "output_log" file and send it to the tech you're working with, or attach it and send to help@virbela.com with a description of the issue you're having. 


Press "Command+Shift+G" to open the "Go to folder" command. You can also go to the Finder Menu bar, click on "go" and then scroll down to "Go to folder" and click on it

When the "Go to folder" window opens, type ~/Library/Logs/Unity and click on "Go"

Grab the "Player.log" file and send it to the tech you're working with, or attach it and send to help@virbela.com with a description of the issue you're having

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