How to Make an All-Campus Announcement

How to Make an All-Campus Announcement

Broadcasts are useful for announcing important information, such as the start of a lecture or meeting.

Note: Only facilitator and administrator type accounts can make broadcasts

Regular text chat messages are only viewable by users in the same room as the sender. Broadcast messages are sent across all rooms in the campus.

Additionally, instead of being in the chat log, broadcasts are displayed across the center of the screen.


Open the GO TO menu in the top right corner, and open the dropdown under your username. 

The broadcast message option is near the bottom of the drop down list.


Clicking the broadcast option will enter “/broadcast” into the chat bar. Type or paste what you would like to broadcast into the chat bar.



Alternatively, you can type “/broadcast” directly into the chat bar before typing your message.

Note: Leave a space between “/broadcast” and the beginning of your message.

Send your message to create a dismissible window viewable by all users in the campus. 

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