List of Emotes

List of Emotes

Want to be the talk of the meeting? Here is a list of all of the fun emotes you can use in the virtual world.

To use the following emotes, open the chat box using the Enter or Return key, then type:

/backflip { /flip }
/cheer { /happy }
/comehere { /followme }
/confuse { /confused }
/cry { /sad }
/dance { /gangnam }
/dance2 { /capoeira /braziliandance /breakdance }
/handsin { /allhandsin /teamcheer /handin /armin /break }
/impatient { /toetap }
/laugh { /haha }
/powerpose { /power }
/raisehand { /question /handraise }
/shakehand { /shake /shakehands }
/think { /ponder }
/thumbsup { /thumbup }
/thumbsupexcited { /thumbsup! /thumbupexcited /stokedthumbsup /thumbsup2 }

Function Key Emotes: 

 = Wave

  = Cheer 

 = Cry

 = Clap 

 = Thinking

 = Confused 

 = Dance

 = Impatient 

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