Preparing Presentation Materials

Preparing Presentation Materials

Before a presentation it is a good idea to bookmark the URLs that you would like to use, so they can be quickly loaded onto a presentation screen.

For example: 
Let's say you have 3 urls that you would like to use for a presentation:

  1. Google Slides
  2. A youtube video
  3. A web page with additional resources

Before the presentation you can bookmark all of these resources. 

To Bookmark a URL:

  1. Load the URL on a board (See Board Basics)
  2. Click the star to the right of the address bar. 

This will create tabs that act as shortcuts to load that url on any board you encounter. 

When you are ready to present, click on the board, click on your first bookmark and your first page will load. When you are ready for your next reference, click on the tab that represents the next reference.

You can use the back button or the bookmark tab again to return to the previous material.

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