Using Videos in Virbela

Using Videos in Virbela

If you have a video that you would like to view in Virbela, you can do so by posting the video's URL in the URL bar of any presentation board. Video can be viewed from any presentation board in Virbela, but some features might function a little differently than they do in your computer's web browser. Virbela is configured to be compatible with Youtube specifically, so some features with other streaming programs may not work properly; however, so long as the video in question is formatted in WebM, there shouldn't be any problems playing your desired media in Virbela. 


Clicking the fullscreen button on a Youtube video normally fits the video to the boundaries of your computer monitor, but in Virbela, doing so will only fit the video to the boundaries of the presentation board. 

Making the video fullscreen is as simple as clicking the magnifying glass to zoom in to the presentation board, just like you would for any other webpage.

Pause and Play
When a public Youtube video is posted to one of the presentation boards, the video will fill the presentation board and begin playing automatically. This will be the same for everyone in the vicinity of the presentation board playing the video. 

We designed this feature to give presenters the ability to show a video to a room of people and ensure that everyone is watching the same video at the same time.

Unfortunately, everyone who intends to watch the video needs to be present at the time the video is started. If someone enters a room after a video has already started playing on a presentation board, then the video will start from the beginning from their point of view, even though it continues uninterrupted for everyone else. You can also pause the video on your screen and it will be paused for everyone else watching the same video.

Autoplay and Starting from Timestamp
As a presenter, it sometimes becomes necessary to force certain options to ensure participants are watching the video you want and are not being inundated with Youtube's suggestions, comments, or chat. Perhaps you would also like to prepare a presentation before a class starts, ensuring everyone is present before you start a video. Doing this isn't something we've fully implemented into Virbela user interface, yet, but it can be a helpful trick.

To do this, take the Youtube link you would like to show on a presentation board and make a few small changes, before pasting it in the presentation board address bar.

Now, change “watch?v=” to “embed/”
And add “?autoplay=0&rel=0” to the end (“?autoplay=1&rel=0” to start the video as soon as it loads).

Now, when you paste this link in the presentation board address bar, the video will load to full screen automatically, but won't start until you click the play button.

Upload Delay
You may want to upload videos of your own to Youtube for creating your own presentation materials. There are a number of ways to do this and Youtube has a multitude of helpful articles on the topic; however, videos uploaded to Youtube will not be immediately available for use on presentation boards in the Virbela world. Youtube must convert the video to the proper format (WebM), before the video will work in Virbela and this process usually takes a few days. Your video will likely show an error message like "The video you've requested is not available or cannot be loaded" until Youtube has finished conversion.

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