Virbela Intercom

Virbela Intercom

The mobile app of Virbela allows for on-the-go connectivity to Open Campus and eXp World. A very simple and straight forward application that will get you into the meeting in no time.

Whenever you open the app, you will be greeted by a login screen. Use the login credentials you would normally use to log into the world. For our example, we will be using screenshots from the Open Campus version. If we are using the eXp World version it might look a little bit different, but still functions the same.

Once logged in you will be greeted with a screen that shows all the rooms available. Go ahead and pick one that you would like to join.

From here, we can see who all is in the room. Just click the "Join Room" button to join in on the conversation.

Now that we have made it in the room, we can now hear the other people in the room. From this screen we have a few options when it comes to sorting the names. First is alphabetically by name and the other is by who talked last.

The last set of buttons on the bottom is for push to talk. Just press the mic button whenever you go to talk, much like a walkie-talkie. 
Lastly, the quit button will take you out of the room.

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