VR In Virbela

VR In Virbela

VR In Virbela

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At this time, Virbela does not have a standalone app that can be run directly from a VR headset. As such, Virbela is not listed in any digital store that can be used to install software on the Quest, or other headset models. Please note that the VR implementation is in its initial test stages and serves only as a proof of concept. Functionality will be quite limited and Virbela encourages users to give it a shot and see what it's like for a while, but then switch back to the standard desktop usage.

VR Functionality:

Moving: Tilt the left hand’s thumbstick up or down (or click the top/bottom parts of the trackpad if no thumbstick is available) to move forward or backward, respectively. This movement is currently based on the direction the user is facing.

Turning: Tilt the right hand’s thumbstick left or right (or click the left/right sides of the trackpad if no thumbstick is available). Continue tilting the thumbstick to perform repeated snap turn increments. Currently the snap turn increment is 30 degrees and in the future will be customizable.

Short-range Teleport: Hold the appropriate control (detailed below) to aim, then release to teleport. The aiming arc will appear light blue for valid destinations. The controls used for short-range teleport differs depending on the controller:

  • Vive “wand” controller trigger:  Usable with HTC Vive and Valve Index.

  • When using a Windows MR controller: either hand’s thumbstick all the way forward.

  • For all other controllers: inner face button, i.e. the button on the face of the controller that is closest to the hand.

Sitting: Perform a short-range teleport into a chair. The aiming arc will appear green when the destination is a valid seat.

Standing up: Press the short-range teleport control to stand up.

GOTO Menu: Use the outer face button and/or menu button to open or close a virtual GOTO menu. Currently, lists can be scrolled by aiming the laser pointer at the up and down arrows. Entries can be selected by aiming the laser pointer and pressing either the inner face button and/or trigger, whatever is available. 

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