VR Initial Launch Process

VR Initial Launch Process

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In order to launch Virbela in VR, log in to Virbela on your computer as you would normally. Once logged in, go to the gear icon menu and select Preferences. 

From the Preferences window that appears, scroll down slightly and click the appropriate button under “VR API” for your headset, then click Save & Close in the bottom right corner. Note that you will need to restart Virbela in order for this change to take effect. 

The world will look slightly different, and from a first-person perspective as opposed to an over-the-shoulder view! You’ll be able to see your arms if you move them in front of your face, and by pulling the triggers on your controller, you’ll be able to move around your fingers! You’ll also find a watch on your left wrist with the current time.

Note: If you are satisfied with your trial of Virbela in VR and would like to go back to using it via the standard method, please make sure that you go through the same process as outlined above, but change your VR API back to “None”. Make sure to click “Save & Close”, then, relaunch and log back in to Virbela.

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