VR Minimum Specifications

VR Minimum Specifications

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Supported Operating Systems:

Using VR Mode is only supported on Windows PCs. Note that this specifically impacts Oculus Quests, which require tethering. 

Supported Computer Components:

2016 era custom Windows PC with Nvidia GTX 970 or better, and a reasonable CPU (i7-3770), or a comparable pre-built PC. It is recommended that the PC be a gaming-oriented one, that is, within 3-4 years old, and meets the “medium” graphical tier of functionality in regards to game performance. This is to ensure an appropriate amount of performance overhead and the likely inclusion of USB-C ports v3.1 / 3.2+. Note: the USB-C port pertains only to Oculus Quest users. 

Supported Headsets:

  • HTC Vive (includes variants like HTC Vive Pre, HTC Vive Pro, etc)

  • Vive Cosmos

  • Valve Index

  • Windows Mixed Reality family of headsets (such as the original HP Reverb, Samsung Odyssey, etc).

    • Except for the new HP Reverb G2, all Windows MR headsets use the exact same controllers. The G2 has not been tested with Virbela yet and likely needs work - until then there is no official support for the Reverb G2.

  • Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift S

  • Oculus Quest (via Link only) / Oculus Quest 2 (via Link only)

    • Note: “Via Link Only” means that you must plug your VR headset into a gaming computer via USB-C to USB cable. (Oculus Quest 1 comes with this cable, and Oculus manufactures a proprietary cable that offers the best possible connection.)

Supported Runtimes a.k.a. “VR Mode”

Currently there are three options: None, OpenVR, and Oculus.

All headsets are supported via OpenVR/SteamVR, and the Oculus headsets can be run via either the Oculus or OpenVR/SteamVR runtimes. For Oculus headsets, it is generally preferable to use the Oculus VR Mode setting as it does not require Steam and potentially performs better.

This VR mode can be selected via the Preferences window inside of Virbela. Starting with v2.6.0, by default Virbela starts with VR Mode set to None, and to use VR the user must explicitly enable it. This default behavior can be overridden via server configuration.

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