Warning: WebTexture already used

Warning: WebTexture already used

Sometimes when there are conflicting configurations activated in a campus, a user will receive the below error message: "Warning WebTexture id [###] already used: [texture name]"

This will occur when multiple instances of a similar scene are selected from the app.virbela.com dashboard.
    1. In order to check and see if this might be the case, first go to the app.virbela.com dashboard and log in.

    2. Click on the Admin panel.


    1. Click on the Configuration section. 

    1. Check to see if any scenes may be listed twice. 

    1. Remove one of the redundant scenes by clicking the red "Remove" button to the right of the scene's line item. 

    As a general rule of thumb, it is best practice to close the campus application and relaunch it in order to ensure that this error does not persist. Should it, please reach out to help@virbela.com and include the output logs of your current session before relaunching again.

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