Configuring Offices

July 31st, 2023


Office Furniture Configuration

When you are inside of an office within a Team Suite, at the top of the screen you will see a tab with four different styles of office furniture configuration.

These configurations are as follows:

1 - Empty


2 - Seating


3 - Single Desk 


4 - Group Desk

Office Graphics

There are a total of four places you can upload custom images within an office space. The resolution limit is 1500px x 1500px. Below are some recommended resolutions for the individual areas you can place images.

Front Window Image Board: 285px x 430px

Left & Right Web Board: 900px x 506px

Back Image Board: 900px x 568px

Color Control

Inside each office, there is also the option to use the custom color control panel for walls, carpet and for the chairs in the configuration 2 - Seating. The color control panel is available under the door locking mechanism.