2.11 Desktop Release Notes (Open Campus)

November 9th, 2023



Most customers will bypass this release, instead receiving these updates in the 2.12 patch.


The old avatar system will no longer work after this release. All customers have migrated to the new system, so this should have no impact.



Unity 2022 upgrade

We have updated our Unity engine that drives our world. Customers will not see many new features from this upgrade, but it provides new tools for our development team. This upgrade also resolves a Unity issue preventing Mac users from using Japanese keyboards in our chat system.

Minor updates

  • Updated act and emote panel to deactivate behaviors that do not work when a user is sitting
    • Dances now deactivated: Hip Hop, House, Capoeira (labeled Breakdance), Gangnam style
    • Emotes now deactivated: Bow, Power Pose, Flip, Hands In, Shake Hands

NOTE: these are still active when a user stands

  • Sticky Notes default to locked
    • Now, by default, only the creator of the note can edit it. If the creator unlocks it, then others can edit it as well.
    • Admins and above can still edit locked sticky notes
  • Button to clear screen share issues if Mac users have issues when sharing their screen.

Bug fixes

  • Mac users with Korean or Japanese keyboards can now type properly in our chat.

Known issues

Compatibility with aggregate audio devices

Mac users have reported crashes when they have set up aggregated audio devices. We have not been able to resolve the bug, but the system will detect when these devices clash with the system. Users should remove these devices to avoid any problems. Here is a screenshot of the warning:

Users can find more information about these types of devices here: Aggregate Audio

Other known issues

VR Mode will not work with our 2.11 patch. We rework our VR system so it functions again in our 2.12 patch.


Directional voice has been deactivated for Mac users. Voice originating from either side of your avatar will play at equal volume in the left and right ears for Mac users.


Mac users will lose the ability to screen share if they have screenshared before. We have created a button to reset screen share if they run into this issue.


Team suite passcodes set to auto-fill will be lost after the initial patch.


Disconnecting Bluetooth may cause the application to hang.