Navigating Around Campus

July 28th, 2023



To walk around, use your arrow keys or the WASD keys.

Moving in Virbela
  • To move your avatar forward press and hold the W key.
  • To move backward press and hold the S key.
  • To turn to the right press and hold the D key.
  • To turn to the left press and hold the A key.

You will also notice that when your cursor hovers over a point on the ground, you will see a person icon. Click on it to automatically walk to the point where the icon is located.


To automatically teleport to another campus location, select GO TO in the blue menu on the left side of your screen to see a list of location options. Simply click the location, and you will appear in that location automatically.

Looking around the room

To look around the room, press the spacebar to unlock your camera and look around the room using your cursor. Press the spacebar again to lock your view again.

Standing and Sitting

When you approach a couch or chair, hover your mouse over the location and you’ll see a Click to Sit icon. Simply click to sit in the chair. When you are sitting down, you will see a blue Stand Up button at the bottom of your screen. Click this button to stand up.


There are several emotes in Virbela that allow you to express yourself, say hello, or even dance. To access these options, click your name in the blue menu on the upper left side. Select from options such as Cheer, Wave, or Dance.


Alternatively, you can access these emotes using the following function keys:

F1: Wave    

F2: Cheer    

F3: Shake Hands    

F4: Clap

F5: Thinking    

F6: Confused    

F7: Dance    

F8: Impatient


To use the following emotes, open the chat box using the Enter or Return key, then type:

Chat Emotes

/backflip { /flip }
/cheer { /happy }
/comehere { /followme }
/confuse { /confused }
/cry { /sad }
/dance { /gangnam }
/dance2 { /capoeira /braziliandance /breakdance }
/handsin { /allhandsin /teamcheer /handin /armin /break }
/impatient { /toetap }
/laugh { /haha }
/powerpose { /power }
/raisehand { /question /handraise }
/shakehand { /shake /shakehands }
/think { /ponder }
/thumbsup { /thumbup }
/thumbsupexcited { /thumbsup! /thumbupexcited /stokedthumbsup /thumbsup2 }

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