Text Chat Commands

July 30th, 2023


Below is a list of commands that can be entered into the chatbox on the Virbela platform to trigger animations or functions within the world.

Animations Commands 
Normal User Commands 
Advanced Rights Users Commands

Note: All commands listed below are expressive animations executed by your avatar


Animations (Normal users have access)

/bow Bowing animation
/cheer Jumping for joy animation
/clap Clapping animation with audio
/climb Climbing animation (only Moderators or above have access)
/comehere Hand gesture another user to come towards you animation
/confused Confused animation
/cry Crying animation
/dance Gangnam Style
/dance2 Capoeira Brazilian Dance
/flip Backflip animation
/hiphopdancelong Extended dance animation
/housedancelong Extended dance animation
/laugh Laughing animation
/powerpose Wide stance with hands-on hips animation
/impatient Taping foot with arms crossed animation
/salsadancelong Extended dance animation
/samba Dance animation
/sambadancelong Extended dance animation
/think Thinking animation
/raisehand Will activate a giant hand image above the users head
/robotdancelong Extended dance animation
/shakehands Initiates a handshake until another user executes the same command, or completes a handshake that another user has initiated within a certain distance.
/swingdancelong Extended dance animation
/thumbsup Thumbs up
/thumbsup! Excited thumbs up!
/twistdancelong Extended dance animation
/handsin Puts your hand in with your team, someone needs to type “break” in the chatbox to break the hands in
/vuvuzela Horn animation with sound
/noisemakers User will spin rattlers with sound
/partyhorn Horn animation with sound
/sit Sits in place, but won’t get up without running another animation
/headbang (Only advanced rights users have access)
/wave Hand waving animation

Normal User Commands

/pm PlayerName message Sends a private text message to PlayerName
/follow PlayerName Follows PlayerName until you take back control with movement input (arrow keys or WASD)
/toggleconsole Will keep the text console up (won’t auto-hide)
/clicktomove Toggles the click to move functionality (turns off male bathroom icon)
/fps Sets the target frame rate - default is 30, if a computer is lagging or getting hot, could reduce this, the visual experience will get more choppy, this doesn’t effect the voice system.
/pb url (Private Browser) Overlays a URL over your screen.
/sound Shortcut to open Mic Settings menu
/namevis Toggle name visibility for yourself
/logout Logs out of the app
/quit Quits the app.

Advanced Rights Users (Moderator and Above)

/animsounds all off To turn everything off
/animsounds bodily off To unmute clapping
/animsounds bodily on To mute clapping
/animsounds music off To disable music
/animsounds music on To enable music
/broadcast message Broadcast a message or command to everyone in the world
/broadcastroom message Broadcasts a message or command or URL to everyone in the current room.
/broadcasturl url Overlays URL over everyone’s screens in the world
/voice push off Closes your mic (Turns off green button - muting yourself)
/voice push on Opens your mic
/cam Cycles through different camera modes (Free look camera moves with WASDQE keys)
/camconfig speed x /camconfig speed 20 is the default, /camconfig speed 10 will be half speed, /camconfig speed 40 will be double speed, etc. This is for controlling the Free look cam
/camconfig mousespeed x /camconfig mousespeed 3 is the default /camconfig mousespeed 1.5 will half mouse sensitivity etc.
/freelookcam Toggles between freelook cam and normal follow cam
/teleport name Teleports to location in the level if there is a teleport location set.
/laser Toggles laser pointer (/lightsaber works too)
/minimap Toggles minimap visibility
/zoneUsers Shortcut for “Find Users”
/boats reset Reset the boats (will not move a boat with a user in the driver’s seat)
/balls reset Resets the soccer balls
/attendance Copies to the clipboard all display names of who is in the room
/roominfo Prints info about the voice server and capacity of the room
/sticky Create sticky note
/vis Turns off the UI for your local user, good for taking screenshots without UI, Enter toggles UI back on

Please Note: For all the /animsounds Commands, If everyone leaves the scene, the effects of the command will cease, and the default settings (e.g. dance music will be audible) will be restored. The commands only affect the current scene occupied when the command is initiated, other scenes will not be affected.