Simple vs. Dynamic vs. Full Avatar

July 30th, 2023


There are three different visual settings for how you see avatars within Virbela. Those three different settings are referred to as Simple, Dynamic, and Full. The names of each setting refer to the amount of detail that can be seen on each avatar. By default, your avatar complexity is set to Dynamic.

Switching to simple avatars will make all other avatars appear flat, regardless of distance. Switching to full will make it so avatars are always displayed in full detail, this may affect software performance when there is a high volume of users in the world.

Why did my Avatar become flat?

There are certain situations where the avatars of Users around you will change to the Simple visual option. This is a measure that your computer takes to make sure the software continues to run smoothly. If there are too many avatars in the same room, your computer will try to render all of them with Dynamic or Full detail, and sometimes that can be too much for your computer to do while focusing on all other aspects of the software. So it will switch your Avatar Graphics option to Simple automatically when needed.

How to Change the Setting

  1. To adjust the Avatar Complexity settings, you will first need to access Preferences under the gear menu in the top right of the screen. 
  2. Once in the Preferences menu, scroll to the bottom. Under Avatar Complexity Settings you can select one of the three available settings.