Image Panels

July 31st, 2023


Image Panels are areas found throughout the campus where you can upload custom image files from your computer. The uploaded images cannot have a resolution larger than 1500 x 1500px and can not exceed 2MB in file size. 

If desired, the image can be hyperlinked with a website URL. Clicking on the image will then launch the linked website in the user's external browser.


Blank Image

Using an Image Panel:

  1. Right-click the image panel you would like to edit. This will open the Image Upload window.
Remote Image Option
  1. Select the Image Upload Button to the left of the red X button. This will open a file browser on your computer.
Upload Button
  1. Select the image you would like to upload and then click Open.
File to Upload
  1. (Optional) Check the Clicking image launches browser link checkbox to open a blank field in the lower half of the Image Upload window where you can enter the URL of any website you would like to link to the image.
Optional: Link URL to Image
  1. Click Apply to finish!
Uploaded Image