Other Users Can't Hear Me

July 31st, 2023


Note: It is recommended that Virbela be used with a headset with a built-in microphone. This reduces noise, and echoes, and leads to an overall better audio experience.

Check if your microphone is muted. Check both the in-world mute button, as well as any physical mute buttons or switches that might be on your headset.

If your microphone is not muted, Virbela may not be receiving an audio input. Try speaking into your microphone.

If your avatar has a speech bubble above their head, this means Virbela is picking up your audio.

In this case, your others may not be able to hear you due to their own sound settings.

If your avatar does not have a speech bubble above their head, Virbela is not receiving your audio. Review the article on Audio in Virbela for further information on sound settings on both Windows and Mac machines.