Campus Roles

August 28th, 2023


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On Virbela campuses there are a lot of tools that avatars can interact with. These tools range all the way from the doors and menus that allow users to access rooms to interacting with the image panels and web boards throughout. For some campuses, giving all the users of their world access to these tools can be a fun and collaborative experience. As for others, limiting access to some of these functions can ensure privacy and the ability to keep their campus looking the way they prefer. 

An easy way to organize which users have access to specific tools around campus is by assigning each user a Role. Roles are different permission levels that give users access to the tools around campus. There are five different Role levels and each of them comes with a default level of access that the campus owners can adjust to fit their needs from the app dashboard. 

The roles and their default permissions are as follows:


This is the lowest permission level and will be the default for users entering your campus unless specified otherwise in the invitation process through the app dashboard.

Members have the ability to:

  • Control moveable items such as sliding doors*
  • Change boardroom furniture*


This role is the next step up from Member in permissions. This role is typically reserved for users that will be presenting within your world or helping with low-level technical issues.

Leaders have the ability to:

  • Have full access to web boards*
  • Change furniture/booth layouts*
  • Use stage controls*
  • Use /freelook and /vis commands, as well as other additional commands (/help to see list)
    • /freelook releases the camera and allows free movement using WASD - return to normal by entering command again
    • /vis removes UI until enter/return is pressed again
  • Access additional items in the name menu:
    • Can set mic sensitivity of others
    • Can mute mic of others

* Explanations for these commands can be found here


This role is a good standard role to give employees of your company. This role comes default with access to most of the useful tools around campus and is typically reserved for users that will need that access most of the time.

Moderators have the ability to:

  • Change image boards*
  • Change certain text-based signs around campus*
  • Configure reception desk in team suites*
  • Post sticky notes*
  • Modify the color of booths*
  • Can broadcast Room & World Messages
  • Can kick users from the world


This role is for all members of your team whose responsibilities include inviting users, exporting data about the campus, and general upkeep.

Admins have the ability to:

  • Set door destinations*
  • Change room size*
  • Add/remove boardrooms in team suites*
  • Access for back-end world management (Can see user email, name, hardware, etc.)


The owner role has full control over the available customizations on a campus. It is the highest permission level and should only be given to users who absolutely need it. This role is intended for the members of your team who are responsible for the integration of the Virbela platform for your organization. Careful consideration of who obtains this role is highly recommended as with great power comes great responsibility. Access to this level of the permission requires completion of a certification course.

Owners have the ability to:

  • All of the same permissions as admin
  • Has additional abilities on
    • Can give other users Owner Permission
    • Can turn on or off fireworks at the beach
    • Can manage the GOTO menu (create rooms, delete rooms, rename rooms, etc.)
    • Can modify room permissions and web board permissions
    • Add additional rooms and scenes
    • Delete rooms and scenes
    • Remove, ban and disable or delete user accounts
    • Change campus themes
    • Turn on and off the campus scavenger hunt
      • Customize the scavenger hunt 

* Permission for this feature can be changed by Owners in the App dashboard under Room Permissions. Follow THIS LINK  to view our article highlighting the available permissions. Thus, some of these permissions may vary by campus.