Campus Scavenger Hunt

July 31st, 2023


The Campus Scavenger Hunt is a toggleable feature available to Private Campus and Event Campus customers. When activated, all users that access the campus will be able to participate in a virtual scavenger hunt. The goal of this scavenger hunt is to locate all the owls hidden throughout campus.

This is how the Virbela Owls look! so keep an eye out for them

To activate the scavenger hunt on your Private Campus or Event Campus, please reach out to your respective Account Manager or your Event Advisor. Once activated, users can choose to enable and disable the scavenger hunt from the GoTo Menu. Users can also reset the scavenger hunt.

Adjusting the Scavenger Hunt Settings

Only users with Admin level permissions or above can access the Campus Dashboard to enter custom instructions and custom completion message for the Scavenger Hunt.


  1. Access the Campus Dashboard at
  2. Navigate to the Admin tab at the top left of the page
Admin Tab
  1. Navigate to the section on the left titled “World”
  2. Once here you will need to Enable Scavenger Hunt (if you have it enabled, you can skip to Step 6.)
Scavenger Hunt Enable Button
  1. As soon as you hit enable, you will be greeted by the following message:
Scavenger Hunt Enable Message
  1. Alternatively, if you disable the Scavenger Hunt, you will get the following message:
Scavenger Hunt Disable Message
  1. In the World section, you will find four custom text fields relating to the scavenger hunt.
Scavenger Hunt Custom text fields
  1. The top field is where you can enter custom instructions for the scavenger hunt.
Instructions Section
  1. That message will appear on a user’s screen when the scavenger hunt is activated.
Scavenger Hunt Message in Campus
  1. There will also be fields available below where you can enter a custom scavenger hunt completion message.
Scavenger Complete Message
  1. That message will appear on a user’s screen when the scavenger hunt is complete.
Scavenger Complete

Note: If a user has a scavenger hunt in progress, then disables it, then re-enables it, the scavenger hunt remains in progress. As an example, let's say a user found 7 owls.  Even if the user disables and then re-enables the scavenger hunt, Virbela will still report that the user has found 7 owls. However, if the user selects the reset button, Virbela will indicate the user has not found any owls.