Image Upload Guidelines Overview

July 31st, 2023



The smaller the file size and dimensions, the quicker the web page will load. The same rules apply to graphics that will be displayed inside the private campus (a 3D immersive application). The great news is, that graphics that may appear low resolution on a web browser, look a lot better in the 3D space. They are viewed from various distances as users interact and walk in the space, so they are not experienced in the same way they would be on a web page.

Tip: If the designer has the opportunity to walk through the private campus before beginning design, they will gain a better understanding that smaller files look as good as large ones.** Images displayed on a web browser that appear lower quality or pixelated tend to look smoother and of higher quality when displayed on the private campus. The benefit to smaller dimensions and file size is a better performance of the application and all engaged users.

**4000 x 1000px looks as good as 1000 X 100px

Please note: each user will need to be assigned the appropriate permissions/role to interact with the image panels and web boards which can vary on private campuses

Important: images that are larger than 1500x1500 pixels or exceeding 2MB cannot be uploaded to image boards. Virbela recommends that images be approximately 1000x1000 pixels in resolution. Images may be resized using Windows’ Paint3D or and should appear similarly to their larger counterparts when uploaded.