Web Release 10/11/23

October 27th, 2023



New functionality

This section discusses newly released functionality that can be communicated with customers.

A new screen in the Virbela dashboard to manage private spaces

We have created a new page in the Virbela dashboard called “Private Space Administration.” This page is used by any customer who has private spaces to manage global settings for all private spaces.

Allow users to view all the private spaces they can access

Today's only option on the Private Space Administration screen is “Hide passcode options. When unchecked, this option allows users to view all the private spaces the user is a member of when they see the “Private Space access” menu.


Clicking on a space will take the user to the space.


Broadcast room is now a room-level permission

The broadcast room function was previously a global permission. Customers can now set broadcast room by room using the Room Permissions screen.

Minor stories and bug fixes


Profiles no longer appear when they are toggled off in the dashboard

Customers can toggle the user and member profiles on and off. Previously, when one profile was turned off and the other turned on, users would receive a message indicating one was turned off. This created some confusion with users. Now, users will no longer receive a message indication that either the user or member profile is turned off; instead, they will receive no message or other indication.

Rearrange items in the World Information screen

We rearranged the World Information screen to make it easier to read. The Voice IP Overrides are now always listed at the very bottom of the page.

In addition, we moved the read-only Max Upload Limit from the World Information screen to the Web Boards, File Uploads, and Chat screen.

Customers can no longer delete their default campus scene

Customers experienced an issue where they accidentally deleted their default campus scene, causing a black screen to render when logging in. Deleting the default campus scene is no longer possible, though customers can still delete additional campus scenes.

Web board ID always renders correctly

Users who performed a particular set of actions on a stage would no longer see the web board ID. This is resolved.

Users can now clear the home page option in the Virbela dashboard

When a customer cleared out the home page option in the dashboard, Virbela would not recognize the change. This is now resolved.

Improved localization in Space Management Portal

The column “invited as” was not correctly localized.