Web Release Notes 09/27/23

September 22nd, 2023


New functionality

This section discusses newly released functionality that can be communicated with customers.

Reorganization of the navigation panel in the Virbela dashboard 

We have reorganized the navigation tab in the Virbela dashboard to make it easier to use and less cluttered. We have merged the analytics and administration tabs and moved all pages under folders.

The role screen is the one exception: it does not have a parent folder.






All of the pages before this release are now located within the subfolder. No functionality has changed.



Previously, the room activity, room attendance, and private volume attendance reports were tabs on the same page. We have separated these into individual pages.

Access to all of these subpages is controlled via the roles screen. If a user cannot access any subpage within a folder, then the folder itself will not appear.

By default, users will land on the first page (from top to bottom) they have permissions to access. For example, since all owners have access to the roles page, and the role page is at the top of the list, they will land on the role page by default upon every login.

Improved UI for the customization page

The customization page has undergone a significant restructuring.

The old page (below) required users to select customizations from a drop-down menu. Only after choosing the option would it appear on the screen. This wasn't easy to manage. In addition, the dropdown provided no additional information about the customization. Users had to select the customization or reference a Google document to learn more.



The new page lists all customizations available to a user. Users can turn customizations on and off using the toggle to the left of each customization.

Users can also use filters to show content by its status or label (e.g., campus customizations).



Users must ensure they click the “apply changes” button before leaving the screen. If a user is logged into the campus when the change is made, they will not see the changes until they log out and log back into the campus.

Minor stories and bug fixes

Users can now sign in after verifying their emails

Users could not immediately log in to the Virbela dashboard after registering for a campus and verifying their email. This is now resolved.

The welcome message remains present in the dashboard

Users reported an issue regarding the welcome message on the user registration and login page. Users would enter a welcome message and save it. However, the message would not always appear within the dashboard, even though the message was saved and consistently appeared on the login screen. This issue has been resolved.

Welcome message no longer saves when only spaces are entered

Users will sometimes erase the welcome message from the dashboard by using spaces. However, Virbela still recognized this as a message and rendered a blank welcome message to users. We have changed so Virbela will no longer recognize a string of one or more spaces (and no other character) as a valid welcome message.

Virbela shows the correct message when saving themes

Users received an error message when saving a theme that indicated no theme was set, even though the theme was set correctly. This erroneous message has been removed.