Web Release Notes 3/1/23

August 29th, 2023


The following are new or revised features and functionality that have been implemented as of March 1st, 2023. Note that as these are applied to the Virbela dashboard website, no update is required to your private campus for them to take effect!

Campus owners can control which roles can use the web board home page button

Campus owners can now allow lower roles to use the home button on the home page without giving the user full permission. This provides additional flexibility for users to manage web boards in a limited fashion.

When users can access the home button but do not have additional privileges with the web board, they will only see the home button and refresh button on the web board controls. 

It is important to note how the home button permission interacts with the access level permission.

If the home button permission is set to a lower role than the access level permission (e.g., home button = members and above, access level = moderators and above), then the functionality will work as described (e.g., members can use the home button, but have no other access).

However, if the home button permission is set to a higher role than the access level permission (e.g., home button = moderators and above, access level = members and above), then the access level will override the home button permissions (e.g., members will have complete control over the web board, including the home button).


API to delete users

There is a new API that allows customers to delete users. This mimics the bulk CSV delete and the delete user functionality in the member tool of the dashboard.

For more details, please review the API documentation here:

Documentation For Customer APIs

The campus version number is now included in the world screen

Campus owners and administrators can now find the version number of their campus on the world screen of the Virbela dashboard.

Update wording of web board permissions

The web board permissions tool used the term “normal users.” This is now updated to “members” to identify the impacted role.

This change occurred in the Virbela dashboard, the Space Management Portal, and OpenCampus.virbela.com.

Localization for the recent rooms feature no longer requires the user to restart to implement