Web Release Notes 05/03/23

August 29th, 2023


The following are new or revised features and functionality that have been implemented as of May 3, 2023. Note that as these are applied to the Virbela dashboard website, no update is required to your private campus for them to take effect!

Customers can now create custom landing pages

Find more details here: Custom landing pages for dashboards

Campus owners can now control permissions for the Private Volume Toggle on the Room Permissions page

Campus owners can now control which level of permissions are required to allow users to manage the private volume tool.

Campus owners can set the toggle in the room permissions screen in the Virbela dashboard.

The default permission allows leaders and up to control this toggle.


The toggle is available in the Support Center, Large Boardroom, and Workspace scenes.

Away is localized when the custom status is disabled

In our 2.9 release, we created the concept of custom statuses. However, customers can disable custom status and use our standard away message. Some of the away messages no longer responded to language preferences. This is now resolved.

Users can select today’s date in the attendance report

The reports in the Virbela dashboard update hourly. Administrators could choose today’s date as part of the date range in the room report but not the attendance report.

For example, say today is 03 May 2023. Administrators could select 03 May in the room report, but in the dashboard report, the latest date they could choose is 02 May.

We have resolved this issue so administrators can select today’s date in both reports.

Export all is enabled for all customers with less than 50K members

Customers had to request the export all function in the member tool. We have changed the logic so all campuses with less than 50K members can export their entire member list.

Virbela will enable the feature by default for all new campuses as well.

Virbela can still disable this feature for individual campuses. Customers can contact their account manager if they do not want this feature.