Web Release Notes 05/24/23

August 29th, 2023


The following are new or revised features and functionality that have been implemented as of May 24, 2023. Note that as these are applied to the Virbela dashboard website, no update is required to your private campus for them to take effect!

Customers can now query all history using the attendance API

Previously, customers could only use the attendance API to pull the last 36 days worth of history. This restriction is removed, and customers can search across all date ranges.

While customers can pull any date, there is a limitation where customers can only pull 90 days in a single request.

Virbela no longer creates duplicate rooms when multiple users are updating the room tool at the same time

When multiple users re-ranked rooms in the room tool, the rooms appear duplicated in the GoTo menu. This is now resolved.

Users can now set the folder name in custom options

When campus owners set the folder name of the custom options in the Virbela dashboard, it was not reflected in the Virbela application. This is now resolved.