Web Release Notes 11/08/23

November 6th, 2023


Minor stories and bug fixes

Customers can archive private spaces

We have introduced a new feature to improve the management of private spaces in the Private Space Summary Report.

Instead of disabling private spaces, customers can now use the 'archive' status to prevent access permanently. This change helps distinguish between permanent and temporary disruption of access. We encourage customers to archive spaces when permanent and disable them when the disruption is temporary.

Customers do have the option to un-archive spaces.


Additionally, our online dashboard now allows users to filter and view private spaces based on their status, providing more control and clarity in managing these spaces.


Customers can create a custom tab on the Space Management Portal 

Customers sometimes want to provide more guidance to the owners and administrators of their private spaces. For example, who to reach out to for billing and support?

Customers can now create a custom tab in the Virbela Dashboard using the “Private Space Administration” tool. Customers can name the tab and enter text in the field.


The text will render in the Space Management Portal:


Customers can remove the tab by clicking the checkbox.

The custom tab will appear to all private space owners of that campus.

The custom tab is not localized.

Emojis display properly on the mouse hover tooltip for Find Users Menu

Previously, emojis appeared as HTML code instead of emojis. This is resolved.