Web Release Notes 10/26/22

August 29th, 2023


The following are new or revised features and functionality that have been implemented as of October 26th, 2022. Note that as these are applied to the Virbela dashboard website, no update is required to your private campus for them to take effect!

Set passcodes directly in the dashboard 

Customers can now set passcodes directly using the room tool in app.virbela.com (or app-eu.virbela.com or app-aus.virbela.com). Customers can set one or two passcodes per room.

If a room visible on the GoTo menu becomes passcode enabled, it will disappear from the GoTo menu.

Rooms with passcodes cannot appear on the GoTo menu. If a campus owner tries to add a room with a passcode to the GoTo menu, they will receive a warning that the passcode will get removed if the user proceeds.

Passcodes must have at least eight (8) characters, with at least one letter and at least one digit. Spaces and semicolons are not accepted. Because the passcode acts as a reference to a specific room, passcodes cannot get reused.

This functionality is disabled by default. If a customer is interested in this functionality, please reach out to the Virbela product team.

Allow customers to remove the “remember me” option at sign-in

Some customers do not want to provide an option for Virbela to remember user credentials due to InfoSec concerns.

Customers can now enable and disable this option through the World screen in app(-eu/-aus).virbela.com. This option is available to campus owners or can be requested through your account manager.

If the option is disabled, all users who previously had “remember me” enabled need to enter their password upon their next login.

Restrict who sees the user search by role

Some customers want to limit who can search for users by their role. This functionality is now available through the Roles screen in app.virbela.com.

Restricting access will remove the ability for the user to see the searching glass in the GoTo menu and remove the Find Users option in the Gear menu.