Web Release 08/30/23

October 27th, 2023


All functionality will be released unless otherwise specified.


New functionality

This section discusses newly released functionality that can be communicated with customers.

Improvements to email verification

We have chosen a new service provider (ZeroBounce) to help prevent potentially malicious users. This service prevents users from registering or updating their email with an email address from a temporary email provider. This service operates regardless if email verification is toggled on for a given campus.

Campus owners can set which roles can view the world subpages

Our 09 August web release contained quite a bit of new functionality. One item we could not fit in is the option for campus owners to control which roles can view the world subpages. Campus owners can now configure this using the role screen.


Campus owners could control the integration subpage through the role screen after the 09 August release.


The world dropdown will appear whenever a user can access one or more subpages. If a user cannot access any of the world subpages, then the user will not see the world dropdown option.


Split out the customization page

We have broken out the customization page into two subpages. The two new pages are identical and contain no new functionality. This work is the first step in an ongoing project to enhance our configuration and theme management system.


Customers can set the theme of the campus using the themes subpage:


The world customizations page controls what customizations are added in the world.


Campus owners can determine which roles can access these pages using the role screen.


Minor stories and bug fixes

First and Last Name will be Not Set after registering by invite

Virbela did not capture the first and last names when users entered it after registering. This only occurred when a user received an invitation to the campus, and it started with our 09 August release. This is now resolved.

Unable to Log In on the Register Screen when using emails with uppercase letters

Users who had uppercase letters in their email were not able to log in on the registration screen. This is now resolved.

Organization name is now read-only

Customers were able to edit the organization name through the Virbela dashboard. This has caused problems, so we have decided to make this field read-only. Customers can reach out to their account manager if they want to make a change.